Two years of daily Librem 5

I have been using a Librem 5 Linux phone as my daily phone for two years today. I kept using the Librem 5 after my one week Librem 5 field trial.

Rat Juno who is starring in that blog passed away, and my first Librem 5 got some damage and I had to switch to a second one.

Looking back on this two years of Librem5 usage, I can say that I’m very happy with the phone. This happiness stems primarily from the freedom that the phone gives me. I’m really in full control of the device.

There are several small issues however. If these would be solved the experience would be better.

It is my intention to publish in the near future several more small posts about the Librem 5.

I use the Librem 5 mainly for calling and SMS, communicating via Signal, the alarm clock to wake up, listening to the radio via ShortWave and listening to podcasts via Podcasts.

If you got inspired, you can buy at the moment of writing one here for the current price of US$ 599.00.

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