One week Librem 5 field trial – day 4

I copied the screenshots and photos from the Librem 5 over with the Files application where I can access my Nextcloud files. I have set up the Nextcloud account in GNOME Online Accounts.

I am missing the view option in the Files application to see the files as a list instead of tiles. I do see this option on my Fedora computer. Especially on a small screen I would prefer to see the files in a list. Maybe I can change the view if I open the Files application of the external monitor or in a 100% scaling of the Librem 5 screen, but I did not try that (yet). Update: I discovered that this option is also available in the small screen version of GNOME Files, but at the lower right instead of the top right of the window.

I like listening to talk radio and podcasts. These are two related applications on the Librem 5 that I like a lot:

Read the report of day 3 here.

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