One week Librem 5 field trial – day 3

I took the Librem 5 to work. I definitely had to take a USB cable with me to make sure to not end up with an empty phone.

At work I tried to connect to enterprise WiFi. I could not reach all the settings that I to fill in. I could work around this by setting the default display scaling from 200% to 100%. In that screen resolution I could fill in all the WiFi details and save them. For me the screen is very hard to read though when on 100% scaling. After setting up the WiFi I set the scaling back to 200%.

At work we have flex work places with Fujitsu PR09 USB C hubs with two screens and a keyboard connected. I connected the Librem 5 to the USB C hub, but the screens were not detected.

I took photos with the Librem 5 of the label on the USB hub. I noticed that saving a photo takes approximately 15 seconds. That is quite long.

Photo of the not working USB Port Replicator label shot by Librem 5

When receiving the 2FA phone calls I noticed that the volume of a call (when not at ear, I did not test at ear yet) is audible. In one way I like this, but at work this is slightly disturbing for the colleagues.

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