One week Librem 5 field trial – day 2

This morning I woke up from the alarm on the Librem 5.

Here just a short summary of some Librem 5 experiences today:

  • The Microsoft call that I have to answer to set up the VPN on my laptop to work worked fine. I have to press the # key to confirm the VPN can be set up.
  • There was a hang after switching the external display to use the Librem 5 input. I could still ssh into the Librem 5, but after logging in no keys were accepted any more. I had to do a very long press of the power button to restart the Librem 5.
  • I received software updates. I like it to receive regular software updates. Usually I use the PureOS Store instead of apt. The PureOS Store application has a few shortcomings, but I did not take screenshots. They are: double back arrows, often no change descriptions for the updates, two rows per update in the update review screen.
  • I placed today two calls. The first one went fine. In the second call the person at the other end asked me to call back because the sound quality was so bad. I called back and enabled the speaker. I had the impression that the person could not hear me anymore at all and he hang up :-/
  • Yesterday I wrote that I had all contacts from Nextcloud in the Contact application, I’m nearly sure I had see this a while ago, but I did not check yesterday. Today I discovered that there are no contacts at all in the Contact application. The Contact application does not even show the Nextcloud Address Book. I noticed that the version of GNOME Contacts on the Librem 5 is quite old: 3.38.1. On my Fedora systems I have version 41.0.
  • The mouse did sometimes not work any more. After removing the wireless receiver and plugging it back in into the docking station the mouse started working again.
  • I had to accept a certificate when opening the Calendar application, but I could not reach the Accept Permanently button. I had to connect the Librem 5 to the external monitor to be able to accept the certificate.
  • When I changed the settings of the display of the external monitor I saw shortly a window on the external monitor but then the Librem 5 shut down. I saw shortly the boot screen, but the Librem 5 did not boot further. I had to press the power button to make the Librem 5 boot.
  • It would be nice if the Librem 5 could report crashes, like Fedora does with ABRT Crash Reporter.
  • I met today another Librem 5 owner. We made each a photo:
Photo shot by an other Librem 5
Photo shot with my Librem 5
  • Sending the photo by Signal seems possible, but to do it you have to restart Signal after selecting the photo to send. This is because of this bug.
  • We both tried to get a position fix on our Librem 5’s, but neither one of the Librem 5’s got a fix. We were outside. But I already new that getting a 3D position fix on my Librem 5 is very difficult. See here my previous test results.
  • One time today, the Librem 5 did not charge when the USB power supply was plugged in. This is a know bug that is reported here.
  • I would like to be able to hold the volume button to increase or decrease the volume multiple steps, but only repeatedly pressing the volume button works.
  • The notification volume, even when the Librem 5 volume is on maximum volume is relative low. But maybe I can change this somewhere in the Settings. I did not look for that yet.

Read the report of day 1 here.

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