What’s wrong with tying nrc.next to Apple products

Association with a company that does not respect freedom

Apple is notorious for closing their products with Digital Right Management (DRM) technology. They locked down their iTunes content to their products only. nrc.next should not associate itself with a company that practices these methods. And I, as an nrc.next subscriber, definitely do not want to indirectly spend money on advertising for products of this company.

Optimal designed for your iPhone 6

nrc.next claims that their ‘Optimum’ is specially designed for iPhone 6. nrc.next could better spend their money on optimizing for open standards that work on all standards compliant devices.

Insult to the readers intelligence

nrc.next should respect the intelligence of their readers. Intelligent readers will recognize that the iPhone offer is just a ‘trick’ to sell subscriptions. nrc.next should focus on content excellence, not on marketing tricks.

(Software) patents

Apple as a rich company spends a lot of energy and money on threatening companies and developers with patent lawsuits. This is not in the benefit of users, and in the end also not in the benefit of nrc.next readers.

Open letter about Free and Open Source Software to the counsel of Delft

I wrote an open letter to the counsel of Delft, the Dutch city I live in. This letter asks how Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is used in Delft. An addendum summarizes the FOSS related activities in the municipality of Delft. And another addendum provides a lists of benefits of using FOSS for public organizations.

The letter is available here (in Dutch).